We went to Fat Hippo Durham to try their limited edition menu

As a part of Veganuary, Fat Hippo launched a limited-edition burger named the Parm-ela Anderson which comes with a side of garlic butter fries.

The Northern Echo: Burger chain Fat Hippo on Saddler Street in Durham

Found right on Saddler Street in Durham city centre, Fat Hippo is perfectly located in the heart of Durham.

With exposed brickwork, subtle warm lighting and funky burger-themed white graffiti on black walls, Fat Hippo has a cosy atmosphere which is a great setting for a burger joint, as I’m sure most would agree fine dining and white tablecloths aren’t necessary when devouring a giant burger.

Our table was pre-booked which is easily done online through the Fat Hippo website.

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our seat, which was a wooden booth on the first floor of the restaurant.

The menu was laid out on the table ready, and it showed a huge variety of options from starters like waffle fries nachos, cheese balls and fried pickles to many different chicken burgers, beef burgers and vegan and veggie offerings – all with the option to upgrade the meal by adding an extra patty to the burgers or ‘levelling up’ your sides by adding various toppings.

The Northern Echo: The Parm-ela Anderson burger at the Fat Hippo in Durham

It was the January special we were interested in – which was the Parm-ela Anderson.

Described as crispy plant-based Southern fried chicken, creamy tomato vodka sauce, grilled vegan mozzarella, tangy garlic pesto mayo, with a rocket, basil, red onion + balsamic salad in an Italian garlic buttered brioche the Parm-ela Anderson is a vegan take on the Teesside classic – the parmo which plays homage to famous vegan of over 30 years Pamela Anderson.

The Parm-ela Anderson was slightly pricier than their standard menu items at £13.90 but this is to be expected for limited edition menu items. The burger also came with a side of garlic butter fries.

We didn’t have to wait long before our drinks and food orders were taken and in less than 20 minutes after ordering the Parm-ela Anderson had arrived.

While looking a lot flatter than the picture on the menu the burger was still an impressive height – and this burger proved that bigger isn’t always better as it was easily one of the nicest vegan burgers I have tried.

The Northern Echo: The Parm-ela Anderson burger and garlic butter fries at the Fat Hippo

The combination of creamy tomato sauce with the pesto mayo and balsamic salad worked perfectly on the crispy chicken burger inside the soft and garlicky bun.

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The garlic butter fries also went down a treat, and despite the fact they were completely drenched in garlic butter they didn’t taste sickly or even overly greasy.

It was safe to say there was absolutely no room for dessert after we cleared our plates, but for those who have a sweeter tooth there are a variety of sundaes and milkshakes to choose from.

We had an excellent experience at the Fat Hippo Durham, with clean facilities, friendly staff and delicious food, it isn’t one to miss.

The Parm-ela Anderson is definitely one to try this month for Fat Hippo fans, burger lovers or vegans alike, the items will be available until January 31.

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