Grandson puts on a unique party for grandmother’s 100th birthday

A ROOFING firm has not let lockdown stop them celebrating the 100th birthday of its director’s grandmother.

The Findley Roofing and Building based near Hartlepool and its Director, Grant Findley wanted a way to celebrate his grandmother, Loraine ‘Lorry’ Findley, turning 100 on Monday, February 15.

The Northern Echo: Loraine ‘Lorry’ Findley who turned 100 on February 15

A lorry and vans from the Findley Roofing and Building drove through the streets of Stone Row, near Chester-Le-Street to mark the occasion, stopping outside Mrs Findley’s home.

Initially, the plan was to host a street party.

However, with the pandemic and the government restrictions plans were changed.

Mr Findley still wanted to take the opportunity to bring the community together to ensure that ‘Grandma Lorry’ still had the best birthday possible.

The celebrations were planned so that they could follow social distancing rules.

‘Lorry’ was unaware of what had been planned for her and it remained a surprise until the day.

Mrs Findley said: “I’ve had a marvellous day, I thought nothing was going to happen all this has come as a complete surprise to me.

“I’ve seen all my family for the first time in a year.

“My grandson had given the neighbours letters telling them about it all and got them involved, some of them I haven’t seen in ages.

“My daughter also arranged for a piper to play in our front garden which was wonderful for me as I love the pipes.”

The Northern Echo: Well wishers aboad the lorry from Findley Roofing and Building

Mr Findley said: “All the residents came out and everybody had a great time.

“We had a lot of the community taking part in our socially distanced street parade walking up and down the streets.

“There’s so much doom and gloom and this is some positive news for our family and our community.

“There was a great atmosphere and we had the support of the police, the local MP and the local residents behind us.

“Everybody is helping her celebrate her 100th .”

On top of the street celebrations, there was a call out to members of the community to write cards to ‘Lorry’ on her birthday.

Mr Findley added: “Such a simple, thoughtful act will remind her that, despite Covid-19 and the self-isolation that has contained her for almost a year now, you are wishing her well and to ‘keep soldiering on.’”

Jason Simpson Deputy Insulation Manager at Findley Roofing and Building said: “I was taken back by the community spirit shown on the day.

“Every neighbour came out to their gates, some had made banners and some had party poppers.

“I think she was taken back by it. I think she expected to have a quiet day in but she really loved it.

“To get to 100 is amazing and I think we did a good job in celebrating it.”

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