Broken Scar Walk

Broken Scar

There is a children’s playground and picnic site alongside the pumping station making this a great place to take a walk with children. Further along the walk the path breaks through into open ground and there are stretches of pebble beach when the water is low, also great for a picnic.

You can reach the route from the Broken Scar picnic site on Coniscliffe Road as well as from Blackwell, Carmel Road North and South. If you live on the west side of Darlington it is easy to walk there or alternately take the 16, X75/76 bus. You can plan your car-free journey on the Connect Tees Valley journey planner.

Sites of interest along the way include the remains of a 14th century leprosy hospital.

At this time of year parts of the route can get a bit muddy so please bear this in mind.

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