BBC viewers react to Happy Valley’s final episode

BBC viewers tuned in to see the final episode of series three of Happy Valley last night (Sunday, February 5) and their reactions were mixed.

While some took to Twitter to share that they thought the final episode of series three was “rushed”, others have said they enjoyed the ending.

Whether you’ve watched the BBC One drama or are yet to see the action unfold, you might be wondering what the future holds for the show.

Will there be another series of Happy Valley?

For those wanting to see more of Halifax Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood it’s bad news as the series has officially concluded with Sunday’s episode.

The Northern Echo: Viewers shared mixed reactions to Sunday night's episodeViewers shared mixed reactions to Sunday night’s episode (Image: BBC/PA)

The show’s creator, Sally Wainwright, has been definitive in saying that Happy Valley would end with Series 3, having spoken with Sarah Lancashire about it.

Speaking to the Radio Times she said: “We made a definite decision that this was going to be the final season.

“Just because it’s been successful, we weren’t going to let it drift on until it became a pale shadow of itself.”

Executive producer Will Johnston added: “It definitely isn’t coming back – and again this is [from] Sally and Sarah who completely and rightly feel that you can have too much of a good thing.”

“We’re really not doing any more. You’re a few weeks away from the ending but when you get to it, I really hope you’ll feel content that if that’s the last you ever see of the characters of Happy Valley, it was a big way to go out.”

Fans of Happy Valley react to the final episode

One Twitter user posted their thoughts to the social media platform, writing: “Happy Valley. My opinion is it was a good ending, but they rushed tying everything up. Could have easily either made it even longer or there could have been 7 episodes”

Another said: “Sorry but I’m mildly disappointed with the end of Happy Valley. After all the classic dialogue the last bit was too rushed. I get the whole thing was about her & TLR but the rest of the story was just swept under the carpet. Can we have one of the other endings please?”

A third said: “Curiously unsatisfying finale to Happy Valley. The major story line had a most dramatic ending but other strands resolved with almost throw a way remarks.”

Having said this, some viewers were pleased with the ending of the show.

One said: “I liked the way #HappyValley ended with a couple of cases still in progress”

With three emojis, including a heart and clapping hands, another said: “#HappyValley Well, what an amazing ending! Laughs, tears, and such a well written ending. You don’t need every single loose end tied up. Use your imagination. Thank you Sally Wainwright and the entire cast, b****y brilliant”

A third said: “Great ending #HappyValley”

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