Auckland Project’s AGLOW light trail to preview for students

Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland is set to be seen in a brand-new light on November 20 by high-achieving students as part of the AGLOW Christmas light trail.

The trail is put together by the Auckland Project and spans across a mile and a half of land. The public will be available to see from November 22 to December 31, apart from Christmas Day.

The Northern Echo: AGLOW, Bishop Auckland.AGLOW, Bishop Auckland. (Image: AGLOW)

However, lucky chosen students for the preview will attend with three members of their friends and family two days before opening night, and will see everything mirror balls to LED vines and starburst trees.

Richard Hinch, head of learning at The Auckland Project, spoke of the emphasis the project has on educating children.

He said: “As a regeneration charity and site of historical importance, it’s always been The Auckland Project’s duty to help educate and nurture the next generation.

The Northern Echo: AGLOW, Bishop Auckland.AGLOW, Bishop Auckland. (Image: AGLOW)

“To support students, we have an extensive schools’ engagement programme. Hundreds of educational institutions visit our museums, galleries and castle every year and we tailor every single visit according to the class curriculums and interests. 

“Religion, art and history are key pillars to The Auckland Project and for years we’ve been supporting schools with visits, workshops and different tasks to challenge students and help them experience the subjects first-hand, which is great for students of all different abilities.” 


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The Northern Echo: AGLOW, Bishop Auckland.AGLOW, Bishop Auckland. (Image: AGLOW)

Jared Bowers, chief operations officer at The Auckland Project, added: “AGLOW is The Auckland Project’s first exciting venture into a large-scale Christmas event, so naturally there’s a lot of interest from people of all ages.

“To celebrate the opening as well as recognise the talented, hard-working and most progressed students in the area, it seemed fitting to offer free tickets to our special preview event, where they’ll be the first to admire the trail’s dazzling lights and installations.” 

To purchase last-minute tickets and find out more about AGLOW, click here.

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